Why QA Is Important in Software Development

What is software testing and who is a Quality Assurance specialist

Software testing is the process when someone executes software components and elements using manual or automated tools to find an answer to the question “Does the system match expected requirements from the business and customers?”

  • Automation testing — they design automated tests to check the functionality of applications.
  • Narrowly targeted: Security testing, Performance, Usability.

Why defects are almost unavoidable in the development

  • The human factors — fatigue and lack of focus
  • Overlooked conflicts in requirements
  • Every developer doesn’t consider the app as an integral system while writing the code
  • Developers don’t use the system in such a way as a final user does
  • Developers would likely know the relationship between functional blocks they are responsible for and don’t aware of the relationship between functions in the whole system
  • Specialists can show more poor performance under deadline pressure
  • The complexity of the system and integration — developers may check the correctness of the work of every isolated module, but don’t check end-to-end scenario where the integration between all modules are involved
  • Defects accumulate as the product gets more complicated functionality. It requires increasing the number of regression tests
  • In cases of frequent changes in requirements, it’s easy to overlook some of them

Benefits a Quality Assurance specialist brings to the project:

A trained QA specialist is always better than another type of specialist who runs quality control tests as an additional responsibility. The reason why hiring a skilled QA specialist is important the following:

  • Focus on product quality with no spraying on additional activity
  • More tech-savvy specialist with skills in:
  • the use of test console
  • API testing
  • running specific mobile tests
  • QA specialists can help to make more complete requirements. Their expertise allows seeing not evident scenarios that were overlooked during the requirements gathering.
  • Refactoring and any code changes increases the probability of software regression issues appearing.

Some principles and postulates of testing:

  • Complete and comprehensive testing is impossible:
  • Users and apps interact in numerous different ways. It’s impossible to test them all
  • Various mixes of runtime environments — people deal with a vast market for smartphones, browsers, and OS versions
  • The human factors — fatigue and lack of focus
  • Frequent features delivery — can affect the choice of priority areas for testing at the moment
  • Early testing:
  • The cost of fixing bugs in the early stages (writing and approving requirements) is less than during the testing phase
  • Testing quality depends on conditions:
  • There is a budget and time limit
  • There is a priority for tests based on the ongoing situation, the deadlines, and the desired results

QA specialists with solid experience are ready to help

If you have a problem with hiring a skilled QA specialist and you constantly find new bugs in your software, look at Sumatosoft. We stand for a professional and holistic approach to Quality Assurance and ensure that the number of bugs will be reduced to almost zero before release.


We hope you have no doubts about why QA is important in software development. Quality Assurance specialists are vital elements of the development team. They are awesome in saving nerves, money, users’ loyalty, and reputation. Hiring a Quality Assurance specialist is an investment that will produce returns in the form of high customer satisfaction and good motivation of the development team.



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