Why Business Analysis Is a Treasure Trove in Software Development Projects

What is business analysis?

Business analysis (BA) is a research discipline that aims to identify business needs and find solutions to business problems.

So what are the key responsibilities of business analysts in software development companies?

Business analysis is essential for the majority of software development projects, so the responsibilities of BA professionals extend beyond just analysis.

1. Collection of Information and Requirements Elicitation

2. Drawing up Specification

Business analysts should collaborate with other players involved in the project to make sure they are fully aware of the requirements to the product.

3. Communicating Requirements to Developers

4. Project Execution & Change Request Management

5. Launch

In conclusion

As you can see, business analysts are a real asset for software development companies. They specify requirements and establish standards, facilitate communication between stakeholders and software developers, enable the latter to avoid wasting time on superfluous elements and focus on really cool features. They make sure the end product meets all user needs.



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