What is Staff Augmentation? Definition & How Does It Work

IT staff augmentation

What Is Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a type of outsourcing that allows a company to swiftly hire the people it needs for a project. As the name implies, it is the process of building an external team to support your in-house workforce. Staff augmentation allows businesses to increase output without incurring the costs of hiring full-time employees. It also allows your workers to concentrate on core company functions while the hired team handles the rest.

Types of Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation can be split into three main classifications:

  • Skilled: This necessitates that the hired individuals possess a separate skill set, although one that is not particularly advanced.
  • Highly skilled: Experts who have superior talents to take on crucial work and are highly knowledgeable and skilled.
Types of IT staff augmentation

Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services (Outsourcing)

While staff augmentation means hiring a crew on a temporary basis to help your company expand its capacity, project-based consulting entails hiring a consulting firm to handle the project while your team handles supervision and other aspects of the business. The following are some of the key differences between the two models.


A company can save money by using staff augmentation. Only the expense of hiring the staff for a limited time is needed of the company. Because the hired crew already has the experience needed to finish the job, you won’t have to spend money on staff training and seminars if you use staff augmentation. On the other hand, managed services aren’t as cost-effective as recruiting more workers.

Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services


The team’s cohesiveness is another element to consider when deciding whether to use staff augmentation or project-based consultancy. It may take some time for new employees to acclimatize to your company’s working standards and rules because you will be boosting your staff with individuals from another business.


With staff augmentation, you can hire a dedicated team to work under your project managers, giving you complete control over the project’s important components. Because the work is done on your property and on your terms, you can rest assured that your project will be completed on time.

Your team

Before determining which model to utilize, it’s critical to assess your team. To begin, you must first comprehend your team’s capabilities. This might help you figure out whether hiring more people will help you finish your project or if you’ll have to outsource it entirely.

Consider the firms

Any company you are considering for staff augmentation or outsourcing should be thoroughly researched. You must confirm that the company’s work culture is compatible with yours, as well as that they have the essential abilities and experience to finish your project.

Analyze the budget

While both staff augmentation and IT outsourcing aim to lower production costs, you must first assess your financial resources to determine whether you can afford to hire a consulting firm to handle the entire project or if you can only afford to hire a dedicated team of professionals to supplement your in-house workforce.

When Should Your Company Implement Staff Augmentation?

For certain businesses, staff augmentation should not be considered. Staff augmentation is however perfect and should be implemented in your company if:

You need to supplement your in-house team

This could be a result of a multitude of issues ranging from a shortage of manpower to a lack of specific competencies needed to execute the project. Staff augmentation may be your only option if you are unable to locate full-time workers for your project due to a labor shortage in your location.

You’re pressed for time

It’s possible that your company will have trouble meeting a deadline. Hiring a team of professionals to work on the project with you, on the other hand, would allow you to complete it more quickly and meet your deadline.

You need to get work done while you await full-time staff

You need to get work done while you await full-time staff

What Is Staff Augmentation? Pros and Cons

Pros of Staff Augmentation

It helps to save recruitment time

The process of hiring full-time personnel is time-consuming and resource-intensive. You’ll need to write a job description, shortlist individuals, and conduct interviews.

Access to a talented pool of specialized professionals

When you employ staff augmentation agencies, you do not have to go through a long list of candidates before you identify individuals that have the specific skills you require. All you have to do is specify the technical skills you need, and you’ll be paired with people who have them.

Scalable and flexible

You only need to recruit the quantity of individuals needed to complete each project because the personnel you hire from staff augmentation agencies do not belong to you. You don’t want your employees to be idle when you’re working on minor projects.

Staff Augmentation Pros and Cons

Cons of Staff Augmentation

Lack of internal knowledge

While you may not need to train supplemental personnel to improve their skills, you will need to train them to adhere to your company’s standards and procedures. Supplemental personnel may require some time to adjust to your company’s needs.

Management capabilities

Adding new employees necessitates the management of additional resources. While the manager may be able to completely leverage existing resources, it may become a problem to manage added resources. An experienced manager should not have a problem with this although it is something that should be considered.

Higher long term costs

When you use staff augmentation, you must pay both the agency and the hired talent. In the long term, this can increase prices because you’ll have to pay the agency each time you need to engage additional staff for your initiatives.

Tips For Success With Staff Augmentation

Tips For Success With Staff Augmentation

Identify the skills you need

It goes without saying that you must do a thorough examination of the project at hand as well as the capabilities of your in-house staff. This can help you decide the skills you’ll need when approaching staffing companies.

Choose the right partner

Make sure you do your study before hiring a staffing firm to guarantee that you will be able to work with them. Check to discover if they have a positive work environment and a solid track record. You should also double-check that the skills they provide match the skills you seek.

Make sure there is clear communication

Communication is critical to the success of any undertaking. Miscommunication can result in costly errors in terms of both resources and time. You must guarantee that all members of your team communicate effectively, whether they are in-house staff or external professionals.

Embrace technology

You should make effective use of project management and team collaboration technologies to ensure good communication amongst members of your team. These tools also inspire your team members to share their thoughts, encouraging unity and cooperation. Slack, Asana, and Trello are examples of useful tools.

Build a good relationship between your hired talents and your in-house staff

Make your new hires feel like they’re valuable members of the team. You should ensure that everyone receives the same treatment. This will assist in the formation of positive relationships among your team members.

The Professional Service Hiring for Controlling Product Quality

Whether you need web developers, mobile developers, designers, or testing engineers — we have a talent pool with all these specialists who are ready to join your project!


Staff augmentation is a valuable resource for IT firms trying to boost efficiency without spending a lot of money. A staff augmentation strategy is an excellent way for businesses to stay up with developments in the IT industry by allowing them to acquire highly skilled specialists in their industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distinction between staff augmentation and Project-based consulting?

Your company keeps control of the project’s progress by using personnel augmentation. You simply enlist the assistance of extra people to complete the endeavor.

What is the process of employee augmentation?

If a company wants to boost productivity, it needs to look at the job at hand to see what talents supplement personnel will need to supply. They must also figure out how many personnel they’ll need and how long they’ll be needed.

How does one go about finding a reputable staff augmentation firm?

Finding a reliable employment business can be done in a number of ways. One of them is word-of-mouth marketing. A buddy will recommend a competent staff augmentation service to you based on their experience working with the agency, giving you confidence that you can trust the agency with your project.

What are the benefits of having a clear job description?

A detailed job description will aid you in verifying that the staffing agency’s abilities are a perfect match for your needs. It also saves you time on shortlisting and interviews, which you would have to spend otherwise.

How does staff augmentation differ from outsourcing?

Outsourcing refers to a variety of business models, including workforce augmentation. There are alternative outsourcing models that can be used to complete projects, such as project-based consulting.



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