This is Why Your Business Needs IoT Consulting

What is Internet of Things consulting

  • Why should you care, spend money and implement IoT technology?
  • Why hire an IoT consulting service provider?

Why to Implement the Internet of Things

  • Real-time information — IoT devices share the information with low latency which is a huge advantage to self-driving car manufacturers, healthcare organizations, autonomous robotic warehouse systems, and more.
  • Control and monitoring — IoT devices are supposed to track physical parameters of the environment, making them ideal instruments for monitoring anything like humidity level, soil temperature, patient heart rate, the location of a product or a vehicle, etc.
  • Improve operational efficiency — the data IoT generates helps to achieve savings across manual labor, energy consumption, yield loss, the number of defects in manufacturing, overall costs, and more.
  • Predictive maintenance and digital twins — the consequence of precise monitoring is the opportunity to assess the risks of product failure and initiate maintenance processes before failure happens and affects business processes. Another valuable opportunity for businesses that deal with high-value equipment is the option to make a digital twin, which is a virtual model of the physical machine. A digital twin allows running simulations to identify vulnerabilities of the equipment.

Why Hire an Internet of Things Consultant

  • IoT consultant’s expertise is extremely valuable
  • You save money during the development
  • A development team will make fewer mistakes
  • An IoT system will be delivered on time
  • An IoT system will meet your business needs

6 Services Internet of Things Consultants Provide

#1 Service: Scaling of already existing IoT solutions

#2 Service: Introduction of the Internet of Things technology

#3 Service: Data use assessment

#4 Service: IoT strategy development

#5 Service: Risk assessment

#6 Service: Vendor analysis and recommendation

How to Сhoose an Internet of Things consultant

  • Step 1: Setting business goals and priorities
  • Step 2: Defining requirements to the vendor
  • Step 3: Making a list of companies
  • Step 4: Shortlisting companies to contact
  • Step 5: Contacting and getting a quote
  • Step 6: Choosing the best

Skills and knowledge of a qualified IoT consultant:

Extensive hardware and software knowledge

Skills in data management and analysis

Expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Expertise in Security

Update management

SumatoSoft Approach to IoT Adoption

  • Building cross-platform IoT applications
  • Remote fleet monitoring and control
  • Asset tracking
  • Real-time monitoring of cargo
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Smart traffic lights
  • Robotics
  • Integration with the cloud with two-way communication
  • Equipment predictive maintenance
  • Process automation
  • Resource consumption optimization
  • And more

How We Provide IoT Services

Analysis and strategy preparation: main activities

  • Research of business challenges, background, goals
  • Identifying hardware requirements
  • Preliminary estimation of the data volume in the system
  • Describing a future IoT ecosystem and the benefits it brings
  • The development of a plan for the adaptation of the business process to the IoT
  • Identifying risks and ways to handle them
  • Elaboration of a system security strategy
  • Defining the scope of work
  • Time and budget estimation

Architecture mapping: main activities

  • Describing the IoT ecosystem taking into account scalability, fast deployment, security, and update issues
  • Preparation of a detailed IoT components map
  • Describing a data processing processes, methods, and tools
  • Prototype development
  • Preparation of the connectivity map
  • Hardware consulting
  • Search for an IoT device manufacturer and vendor
  • Describing the functions of every IoT component

Elaboration of a pilot version

  • Integration of a data storage into the system and modeling data processing environment
  • Connecting the first devices to the network
  • Integration of data analytics methods, models, and tools
  • Cross-browser application designing
  • Functional and non-functional testing
  • Security testing
  • Prototyping IoT data visualization dashboards
  • Making the design of user interfaces to manage the IoT devices

Full-cycle system development

  • Configuring automatic connection of IoT devices to the network
  • Implementing the device authentication process
  • The development of cross-platform user applications (web, mobile, VR/AR), using best practices in the field
  • Monitoring and optimization of cloud resources consumption
  • Device fleet expansion and resiliency test of the system
  • Post-release support and troubleshooting

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Case 2: An online monitoring system for industrial refrigerators



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