How SaaS Is Taking Over the World, and the Main Trends in SaaS Development

Implementing Artificial Intelligence

If a customer feels that a product is tailored to their personal needs, that’s half the battle. Artificial intelligence (AI) in SaaS allows personalizing functionality for each client by analyzing their actions, features they use and adapting to their individual needs. Furthermore, it not only enables artificial intelligence along with machine learning to find out how customers are interacting with your product right now, but it also predicts their future steps. One more thing that comes to mind when you think about AI is automation. AI is able to assume routine functions that take much time and turn them into a flawless customer experience.

Going Mobile

The number of mobile users across the globe is expected to reach 4.68 billion in 2019. With everything going mobile, SaaS solutions cannot ignore this trend. More and more people work not only in the office but also perform their tasks on the go: in public transport, in parks & cafes, at business meetings or with a cup of coffee in the morning. Thus, one of the main challenges for SaaS companies will be a mobile user experience that would in no way lag behind the SaaS web app experience.

Evolution from SaaS to PaaS

We have already established that SaaS products are convenient and flexible but SaaS companies decided to go even further and provide customers with an opportunity to add new features and services to the initial product. Is there more proof of flexibility and customization? The new-format software called Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is gaining momentum now and winning the hearts and minds of even those, who were able to resist Software-as-a-Service.



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